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Talent management mechanism
In order to achieve Sunside electrical create great the strategic vision of the enterprise, to carry out the core concept of talent, to speed up the construction of talent highland, s&d on electrical management determines the planning, competition, motivation, elimination of four big talent mechanism, s&d on the traction electric old and new employees on the road of transcendence athletic gallop.
S&d on the staff development plan, electrical make employees get on the bus at the beginning to see the road to growth, focus on the point, let the enterprise and employees the same way direction;S&d on the internal competition mechanism, electric enabled talents to stand out, to keep the external driving force of the development of the enterprise;  Sunside on the incentive mechanism, electric catalytic potential employees, mobilize employees work enthusiasm;S&d on the elimination mechanism, electric and keeping, to maintain the vitality of the team, the company sustained, stable development .

Planning:  In the long road to growth Planning    : We Offer Multiple Paths for Career Development
Company attaches great importance to staff development, is committed to provide broad space for career development.All the investment field dozens of posts, hundreds of jobs, and to provide employees the "3 + X" career development channels, namely technology channel, channel management, business development channels and other special channel.Employees from their own will, the ability of the individual, can choose a channel to development, will become an expert in the field;Can also through the position adjustment, internal transfer and job rotation, horizontal development career field.

Competition: on the road of excellence run :  Competing : We Pay Attention to Employees' Comprehensive Ability.
Company of talent management is according to the principle “ "Be ready to accept a higher or lower post  ; Be capable to come in and go out ; Promote the only talent, Reward according to labor “ 
 in addition to the rigid performance, enterprise also attaches great importance to the employees' comprehensive ability, creative ability and pragmatic spirit.

Motivation: a broad day by diving Motivating:  We Inspire In An Energetic and Glorious Career Environment.
In material, The company will carry out  the implementation of performance appraisal every year , the result is directly related to employee compensation, excellent personnel (salary, left behind personnel receive counseling training again, behind the employees may be eliminated.
Spirit, the company advocates honor motivation, staff career planning, help employees see career prospects, make the effective activation of team dynamics, establish the overall human resource advantage.
Elimination: Tao is ruthless but sentient beings   Eliminating: We Consider Employees' Career Optimization.
Selection is the result of competition, but it is not the end of staff development.Company believes that "the most appropriate, is the best", whether it's a change of position within the company, or in a business, help employees standing in for his place is the responsibility of the enterprise.






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