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Vietnam shipyard purchased the main distribution board and power supply of elect
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Vietnam shipyard purchased the main switchboards and distribution box  in my company are shipping out smoothly today, products including : main switchboard 7 screen and power supply cabinet 12 units, main switchboard switch for Schneider, power supply switch ark normally open, all electrical equipment  shall conform to the requirements of the CCS classification survey;The main distribution board for ship             launching ahead of time, by notified of this , Fengde staffs worked overtime and  after more than 50 hours non-stop for urgent production, on the premise of quality assurance,  which the delivery time is in advance one day earlier than the customer requested ! Customers gave us high evaluation!
  For such good performance , it is because the Fengde M& E Co.,Ltd  clearly realized that good quality iis base on the root of the market, so the Fengde's effort is to improve the product structure, performance, and service industry chain, high quality, high performance, high benefit and participate in international competition in the market of high value-added products, We has won widespread recognition and praise by the majority of users at home and abroad, Fengde will continue to develop more brilliant !






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