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Marine electrical solutions

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No mater whichever ship’s type, we can offer tailor-made solution with high cost-effective for its E-Power distribution system, which provides the high grade of quality for E-power management. From proven standardized merchant vessels in series, to individual specific engineering vessel, all we can offer economical and practical integrated configuration. Generally the main electrical components used on our products are from well-known international brand like Siemens, ABB, Schneider and so on, which are all of form tested, standardized components that can be freely combined and interchanged, to ensure flexibility and quality of product integration, whilst enabling a high level of functional reliability and common maintainability.

The mechanical structure of marine switchboards is designed with standardized and modularized concept based upon 25mm modulus grid. This provides customer more possibility for the framework layout and dimension configuration. With association to precise CNC fabrication for mechanical parts, it brings fast assembly of frame parts and electrical components, ensures the all-pervading universality and flexibility for structure combination of switchboard.

Basic parameter: Voltage <1000V, Current <8000A, Frequency 50&60Hz, Anti-short-circuit strength up to  100KA.

Except the crucial operational and protective functionalities which are required by the rules of classification society to be meet, our switchboards can be also customized according to the specific needs of different customers. By doing so to make the switchboards more compatible to operator’s using habit. The prevalent application of Power Management System on switchboard makes the power distribution more safe and efficient, and makes the supervision of electric energy more intellectualized and ergonomic. Different type of vessels have different demands for automation grade, so we can accordingly integrate the Power Management System by using appropriate functional modules and make the configuration more practical and economical.

Power Management System is normally an independent system combined in main switchboard, the parameter setting and functional configuration is done on the operation modules and logical controller located on main switchboard, and transmitting the real-time data to external Alarm & Monitoring System. It can be also fitted as a part of integrated automation system, which is remotely controlled on interactive graphic HMI of computer workstation.
Power Management System
- Generator set monitoring & control and safety protection
- Generator circuit breaker synchronization & parallel connection
- Generator stand-by priority selection
- generator & E-mains voltage and frequency control 
- Generator load depended start and stop
- Takeover of failed running generator
- Symmetric or asymmetric load sharing 
- Load control with load shedding 
- Blackout prevention and re-energizing after blackout
- Single or multiple switchboard divisional supply logic control
- Heavy consumers start logic control
- Data intercommunication with computer workstation 
- Other customization of individualized automatic function 






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