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GCS (BWL2) Switchgear Cabinet

  • Product overview
  • Technical parameters
GCS (BWL2) type low-voltage switchgear cabinet (hereinafter referred to as the device) is designed and developed by Senyuan Electrical Co. Ltd. organization two GCS (BWL2) type low joint design group switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the two joint group) entrusted by the Ministry of power industry and the Ministry of machinery industry in order to promote technological progress of China's low-voltage distribution industry and accelerate the low-voltage switchgear equipment renewal in 1995. At present, it has been widely used across the country.

The device is suitable for power plants, transformer substations, petrochemical departments, factories and mines, high-rise buildings and other low-voltage distribution system, power distribution and motor control center, capacitor compensation and other power conversion, distribution and control.

It can meet special requirements of the computer interface in the power utilization occasions of large capacity power plants, large scale petrochemical industries, etc.. The device conforms to the standards of IEC60439-1, GB7251.1-1997, JB/T9661-1999 and so on.

Product features:
Compact structure. Accommodate more functional units and components, high applicability and flexible assembly.
Standard module design. There are five series of standard units, so the user can choose any to assembly.
High technical performance. MCC cabinet vertical busbar rated short-time withstand current is 80kA, and the horizontal bus adopts a flat type arrangement withstand the peak current of 176kA, reaching the contemporary international level.

Normal environmental conditions:
Ambient air temperature is not higher than +40OC, not less than -5OC, and the average temperature is not higher than +35OC within 24 hours.
Clean air, the relative humidity at the highest temperature is +40OC less than 50%, allowing a relatively higher humidity at low temperature, such as 90% at +20OC, but it should be taken into account that due to temperature changes, condensation may occasionally generate.
Sea level is not more than 2000 meters.
This device is applied to the following transportation and storage process: the temperature range: -25OC to +55OC, up to +70OC in a short period of time (less than 24 hours). The device shall not suffer any unrecoverable damage under these extreme temperatures, and should work normally under normal conditions.
*If the above conditions cannot satisfy, the user should consult with the manufacturer.

Structure description:
The device is a combined assembly type structure, and the basic component is assembled by spacing mounting hole section based on E=25mm module. All components of the cabinet are galvanized. Assemble a complete device by fastening the basic frame of the connection line by self tapping screws or 8.8 stage six - angle bolts, and then adding corresponding door, sealing plate, clapboard, mounting bracket, generatrix, functional units and other spare parts. Internal dimension of the device, spare parts and compartment size implement modularization(E=25mm).

Each cabinet is divided into 3 compartments. They are horizontal bus(behind the cabinet), functional unit compartment(in the front of cabinet or on the left), cable compartment(under the cabinet or on the right). Rooms are separated from each other by a steel plate or a high-strength flame-retardant plastic functional board. The upper and lower drawer is separated by a metal plate with a vent hole, which can effectively prevent the expansion of accidents caused by the short circuit of arcing and bus or other lines due to switch fault.






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