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GCL, GCK Switchgear

  • Product overview
  • Technical parameters
Scope of application:
GCL, GCK (BWL1) low-voltage switchgear is suitable for all power generation, distribution and power use occasions, such as: public utilities, power system, petrochemical industry, sewage disposal, mining enterprises, underground facilities, marine and oil drilling platforms, civil buildings and so on. 

System features:
GCL, GCK (BWL1) low voltage switchgear system confirms its superiority and scalability and ensures the needs of development of technology after years of use and continuous improvement in the market.
GCL, GCK (BWL1) system assembly flexibly by using the cabinet structure because different standard components can be installed in the cabinet in order to meet various requirements.
The extract units adopt aluminum alloy slide rail and screw type propelling mechanism. The operating position is obvious with handiness and reliance.
The insulation materials used in GCL and GCK (BWL1) systems have the characteristics of flame retardancy and self extinguishing.

Compared with traditional products, the new generation GCL system has more advantages:
Compact structure, saving cabinet volume.
Reasonable layout of a series of standardized distribution circuit. 
All select standard sheet metal parts.
Convenient for designers.
One cabinet can be freely combined into different functional units, such as fixed and drawn.
The cabinet can meet the requirements of earthquake resistance, shock resistance.
Strong system expansibility.
High continuity and reliability of equipment operation.
Maintenance free for cabinet to the largest degree.
Guaranteed personal security of operation staff.

Technical standard:
GCL, GCK (BWL1) is a low-voltage switchgear through type test(abbreviated as TTA), which is accord with: IEC60439-1, GB7251.1-1997, JB/T9661-1999 and other standards. The installation and connection of the system is carried out according to IEC364 standard.

Working environment and conditions:
GCL low voltage switchgear is suitable for indoor installation of electrical equipment, protection level is IP32.
Ambient temperature: maximum temperature at short time:+40OC
Maximum average temperature in 24 hours:+35OC
Minimum temperature:-5OC
The normal working climate is defined by IEC60439-1, GB7251.1 and JB/T9661. When the highest temperature is +40OC, the relative humidity is less than 50%.
The conditions of indoor installation of switchgear shall meet the requirements of corresponding standards. In the case of condensation, the inside of cabinet should be airness or heating.
If the switch cabinet is installed above 2000 meters above sea level, the equipment should reduce operation capacity.

Technical data:
Criterion: through the type test of IEC60439-1 (TTA), GB7251.1.
Test report: China National Electric Power Distribution Equipment Quality Supervision Center (type test) China Tianjin Electric Power Research Institute (short circuit strength test)
100kA short circuit withstand current test.
100kA short circuit strength breaking test.

Structure description:
Dimension: height: 2200mm, width: 600,800,1000,1200mm, depth:800,1000mm.
Surface protection: Cabinet frame and internal clapboard, door--galvanized steel plain sheet.
Shell: electrostatic spraying.
Protection grade: GB4208、IEC529 IP32.
Isolation mode: IEC60439-1 Form3.






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