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GGD low-voltage fixed type switchgear

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GGD low-voltage fixed type switchgear can be widely used in power plants, substations, industrial enterprises and other power users of 50Hz AC, 400kV rated voltage, 3150A rated current. It can be used as power conversion, distribution and control during power, lighting and power distribution equipment.

GGD cabinet breaks through the structure of old products. The basic framework is fabricated structure. All structures are connected with screw fastening frame. The frame, door and panel are all phosphorization and then coated polyester orange-peel varnish. Non painted parts are all galvanized and passivated. The shell protection grade is IP30. It can also choose between IP20~IP40 according to user's installation requirements. Besides, our cabinet has a good natural ventilation system.

GGD is equipped with common up and down inline methods. Moreover, we have also designed up, left, middle and right inline methods in order to meet the needs of all kinds of engineering design. At the same time, we also sapre fixed position for power plants and others to install special relay protection and automatic device in the cabinet.

GGD has advantages of high breaking capacity, good thermal stability, flexible and convenient electric scheme. GGD meets IEC60439-1 and GB7251.1-1997 standards.

Product features:
Normal environmental conditions.
The ambient air temperature is not higher than +40O℃, not less than -400℃, the average temperature does not exceed +35O℃ in 24 hours.
Ambient air relative humidity at the highest temperature: + 40O℃ will not exceed 50%. It allows a relatively higher humidity (such as 90% in +200℃) in low temperature. Occasional condensation should be given into consideration due to temperature changes.
It is suitable for indoor installation and the altitude of the place shall not exceed 2000m.
There be no conductive dust, chemical corrosive gas, fire, explosion hazard, violent vibration in installation site.
The inclination between cabinet and mounting plane shall <5°.
*If the above conditions cannot satisfy, the user should consult with the manufacturer.






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