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Control Consoles

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Based upon service purpose and installation location, the control consoles normally can be categorized into Integrated Bridge Console (One-man Bridge), Wheelhouse Control Console, Engine Room Console, Cargo Control Console, GMDSS console and etc. The consoles can be designed and produced as per customer’s specific request, also comply with the classification society rules as well as IMO and SOLAS standard. With the ergonomic design concept, the console contains varied instruments & apparatus, including for instance: computer based workstation, alarm & monitoring system, ship maneuvering system, different kinds of indicators and control panels, communication & navigation system and etc.

The consoles are designed into modularized combination type. By using 3D designing tools, we are able to provide various structure forms and customized layout plans, corresponding to the maneuvering specialties of different type of vessel and navigator’s operating practice as well as the installation space conformation. The arrangement of instrumentation & apparatus provides optimized operating HMI, enabling navigators to expediently collect all kinds of running data and handling on them more quickly and efficiently.






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