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Main-power Seriers

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1、Specification Cummins Series
Sunside  series, Cummins diesel generator set for cummins authorized products of the company, in similar products in better performance, better quality, more secure service, is the front sunside cummins diesel generator set department recommended products.
Specification B,C,L,N,K19.K38.K50 series 
M,N,K series of chongqing cummins engine,such as inline six-cylinder ,V 12cylinder model,isplacement is 14 L, 18.9 L and 37.8 L and 50.0 L.Advanced technology, reliable performance, continuous running time is long, can be in various environments and stable operation, and maintenance and maintenance is convenient.The scope of its power of 200 kw to 1200 kw, mainly used in ship,marine drilling and other fileds.

2、Advantages of cummins series engine
25% less than other brand engine parts ,reduces the volume and weight of the diesel engine
Fuel oil and engine channel most drill within the cylinder block and cylinder head
Stable performance,low failure rate and maintenance cost 
Control system working voltage:24v(DV)
Using alloy steel forging crankshaft journal induction hardening 
Most is equipped with the company unique PT fuel system except(B,C series)

Rotary engine oil,diesel oil and water filter,dry type air filter






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