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Open Type Generator

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1、Open type generator set for power plant
Power plant with open type generator set ,our company select cummins land diesel generator set,the power of this type is range for 20 to 1300kw.
Our company select the world famous brand cummins joint venture B.C.L,M.N,K,Q series engine supporting joint venture brand-name generators,which is low emissionss,low noise,low fuel consumption five times than the domestic machine overhaul,first-class serive in international and domestic(large service network and rapid respone speed)
Global warranty ,luxury configurtation,high-grade combination,with low oil pressure,high speed,high water temperature,N series above the power level with a variety of low alarm and shutdown function,high appreciated by customers,exprot volume has increased year by year,our company’s major product,our company is the large supporting unit of the joint venture engine company OEM.

①Several Cummins generator and the machine after a considerable high-power generator to the load power supply, according to the size of the load and decide to open several machines (generator in the rated load of 75% of the working conditions The lowest fuel consumption), so as to achieve the purpose of saving diesel fuel and reducing the cost of generating units. Especially the current diesel is relatively tight and the rapid rise in oil prices, saving diesel has become very important. 

②Cummins generating units to achieve uninterruptible power supply protection factory normal production, unit conversion use, you can first standby generator set to start, and then stop the original operation of the generating units, half-way without power failure. 

③More than Cummins generating units parallel dynamic line, when the load suddenly increases, the current impact by the average sharing of multiple generating units, so that each unit to reduce the force, voltage and frequency stability, can extend the life of the generating unit. 

④Cummins are easy to find a warranty in the world , even if in Iran, Cuba. And a small number of parts, improve reliability, maintenance is relatively simple. 

3、Cummins series company profile
Cummins is the largest company in design,production and sale of the diesel engine and compressed natural gas engine in  the world.
Cummins has invested more than $140 million in china 
With donfeng cummmins diesel generating set and chongqing cummins diesel generating set.
As the largest foreign investor in the chinese engine industry,cummins has 8 joint ventures and wholly owned manufacturing enterprises in china,cummins produces B,C and L series diesel engines,chongqing cummins produces M,N and K series engine are meet the ISO 3046、ISO 4001、ISO 8525、IEC 34-1、GB1105、GB/T 2820、CSH 22-2、VDE 0530 and YD/T 502-2000 standards,(technical requirements for diesel-specific generators for communications)






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