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Slient Type Generator

  • Product overview
  • Technical parameters
1、Slient type generator set introduction
Sunside slilent type diesel generator set is the introdution of foreign low-noise generator and engine technology and well-designed,anvanced design concept,the full rang.
In addition to the products with a series of diesel generating set of the various functions,also has the following characteristics:low nosie,the overall compact,samll footprint Box all removalbe structure ,the box made of steel stitching the surface coated with high performance anti-rust paint,at the same time with noise reduction and rain function,Box within the multi-layer barrier impedance mismatch type muffler structure,built-in large impedance muffler.Box structure is reasonable,the box with a large capacity inside the tank,left and right with two maintenance doors in order to machine troubleshooting;at the same time there are  a window and set fault emergency stop button on the box,in order to observe the running situation of the set and the set in an emergency stop as soon as possible to avoid damaged set.

2、Slient type generator series features 
Noise standards comply with ISO3744. 
Interior with a dedicated silencer material, built-in silencer to make the structure compact. Good ventilation and radiation protection. 
Special handling of the box, fully adapted to the requirements of all-weather use. 
The reasonable position of the box sets the observation window for easy observation and operation. 
Special set of shock absorbers, so that the unit running quiet and stable. 
Large-capacity base tanks save installation and connection. 

3、Silent type generator set noise reduction facilities
Damping facilities, diesel engines and generators and bridges between the use of high-performance shock absorbers to reduce the noise generated by vibration. 
Sound enclosures, the use of four to five layers of sound-absorbing material sound shield, sound-absorbing sound insulation, the effect is obvious. 
Into the wind and muffler body, three-layer sound-absorbing material of the labyrinth of the wind into the body, both to ensure adequate access to fresh air, but also effectively closed the noise. 
Exhaust muffler body, three-layer sound-absorbing material of the maze-style muffler body, both to ensure the exhaust of the smooth, and effectively closed the noise transmission. 
Exhaust muffler, impedance composite muffler use, greatly reducing the exhaust emissions when the noise. 
The power cable connection using a fixed junction box structure, directly connected outside the box. 
In addition, the structure of the sound shield door similar to the sound shield, the window with double glass, doors and windows and acoustic enclosures tightly sealed, the maximum seal of the noise.






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