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Trailer-mounted Generator

  • Product overview
  • Technical parameters
1、Vehicle-mounted mobile diesel generator set
This series of products is according to the customer’s actual power requirements,in which a 8-hour working fuel tank,weak spring shock absorption,braking function,rain shield and a visual operation control screen are equipped,thus making it convenient in maintence & services and operation.The mobile power station can be trailer-based or vehicle-self-carried and is provided with electric cables,cable reels and other accessories(optional)as required by customers.

2、The characteristics of mobile mobile diesel generator sets
Good water cooling system and effective instrument monitoring to ensure that the unit has always been stable.
Dedicated base steel, to a great extent to improve the stability of the unit operation and reliability. And the car perfect docking, transport more secure and reliable.
Full range of electric start with the way, with my company with the start of the battery, to ensure the success rate of unit ignition.
Scientific set of technology, reasonable arrangements for unit operation, dedicated microcomputer automatic control system (optional) to facilitate the operation and observation of operating status.

3、The vehicle mobile diesel generator set operation check
After the set starts, check the parameters of the control box module: oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, frequency, etc. are normal
In general, the set after the start speed directly to 1500r / min, there are idle requirements of the unit, the idle time is generally 3-5 minutes idling time not too long, or may burn generator-related components
Check the oil, water and gas leakage of the unit, whether oil leakage, leakage and leakage
Note the connection and tightening of the unit, with or without loose vibration
Observe whether the various protection and monitoring devices are normal.

4、The  mobile diesel generator sets daily maintenance,belt realxation or wear
Check the diesel generator set daily
Check the diesel generator sets,oil plane,coolant plane
Daily inspeciton diesel generating set is damaged,mixed leakage 






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