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Sunside are approved by Israel customer inspection and our enterprise are stren
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Along with the advancement of globalization, s&d on the advanced management idea and the good production quality has attracted a lot of overseas clients to visit, export orders also rising in recent years.
In order to deepen understanding, to further advance the success of the cooperation and communication on both sides, the Israeli partner on the special representative to SUNSIDE,SUNSIDE on the related leaders and staff gave a warm reception.Inspection process, the customer first Israel under the guidance of the staff to visit the production workshop and the production of land use, Marine, special diesel generating sets, power distribution cabinets, Marine switchboard for the random inspection, be tested diesel generator set and switchboard, power distribution cabinet quality customer affirmation!Israel next, staff, customers are very concerned about the staff training and protection such as quality system management, product packaging production handling security question has carried on the detailed introduction.Company complete production workshop, first-class production equipment, advanced debugging test center, complete sales service network, by well-known institutions and certification of 11 quality certification and so on all further added confidence of cooperation.At the same time, the staff of the strict professional attitude also won the recognition of Israel customer.
Excellent quality and humanized management, rigorous production attitude that s&d smoothly through the Israeli customer inspection on the inspection, to lay a good foundation for the successful cooperation between the parties.Gold silver memorial tablet as the public praise of the customers, in the face of customer recognition, SUNSIDE will further improve the company's production management, improve product quality, strengthen staff training, in order to further open foreign markets to make sufficient preparations.






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