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Design and manufacture of our products comply with the relevant IEC electrical e
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Design and manufacture of our products comply with the relevant IEC regulations and standards of ship electrical equipment installation, and meet the specification requirements of the specified classification society.Products are suitable for ocean engineering, all kinds of engineering ship and all kinds of ships, civilian, including: offshore oil platform, FPSO, train platform supply vessel, Marine salvage tug, dredger, floating dock, floating crane, chemical/oil tanker, bulk carrier, container ship, roll-on roll-off ship , cruise ships, etc.According to customer demand, we can provide such as GL, BV, LR, DNV, ABS, CCS, such as the world's major classification society product certificate of recognition.
The company has a full set of CNC sheet metal processing equipment, makes our mechanical structure processing and more accurate.Products of all mechanical components through numerical control equipment for processing, combined with modular, standardized design, make its have the general assembly can exact combination and versatility and flexibility.
Integrated CNC bus-bar processing machine, to provide a large of bus-bar system provides guarantee without maintenance.






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