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Create excellent, Serve the society, the good faith for this, Advancing with The
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Adhering to the "create excellent, the service society, good faith for this, advancing with The Times" development purposes, devoted to build a first-class electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises. Industry covers to electric power, petrochemical, steel, transportation and other fields expand, market extending tentacles from local to national many provinces and cities.Main products are series of high-voltage switch cabinet is 40.5 KV and below, all kinds of low voltage switchgear, box-type substation, power pollution control products and automation products and components, etc.
Group of companies in the fierce competition in the stationary electric market to develop a piece of blue sky, accumulated the rich market resources and technical experience, formed the perfect production facilities.Now “Jiangsu sunside electric Co.,LTD." is founded and , will fully share the group's technology platform and talent advantage, based on the spirit of pragmatic, innovation, enterprising, to expand our products and business to blue ocean.






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