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6 units of sunside slient type generator set are shipping to Singapore
Release time:2017-03-27 21:39:49| Viewed:
6 sets of silent type diesel generator set which purchased by Singapore customers are finished and ready for shipment in our factory today. The shipment will be shipped out from Shanghai port by international logistics .15 sets of slient type for power 50 kw, the genset is equipped with Cummins diesel engine, and generator equipped with marathon generator, with ATS, and they are good in powerful, performance excellence.  Obtained the customer consistent high praise!
Sunside slient type  generator features:
 Using impedance and acoustic absorption type composite muffler, greatly reduces the emission of noise;
 Double glazing window for observation unit operation and advanced sealing door design can prevent the mechanical noise from leaking the door;
Using special noise silencing material, drastically inhibits the mechanical noise;
Units equipped with daily tank, lighting, fire fighting equipment, ensure use, convenient maintenance, safe.
The photos below for the delivery site:






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